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Federal Reserve vacancies hand Trump leverage

First published: Financial Times, 16/02/2017 Central bank may have to drop data dependency and take a more strategic approach Painting a relatively optimistic economic picture during Congressional testimony this week, Janet Yellen confirmed the Federal Reserve would raise interest rates

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Trumpeting a global trade war

First published:, 10/02/2017 The US underpinned the liberal economic order. So what now in a world of America First? Often accused of being rambling or incoherent, in his inaugural address President Donald Trump did—for better or worse—have something substantial

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Trump’s Trade Policies Only Make the Dollar Stronger

First published: Bloomberg Prophets, 9/02/2017 Donald Trump is off to a controversial start as U.S. president, but for the most part financial markets have been fairly relaxed about American and global economic prospects despite the lack of any precise contours

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French election: What the result could mean for the country’s economy

First published:, 7/02/2017 Macronomics is “in tune with what a modern European economy needs”—Le Pen is not On Sunday, in front of a crowd of about 3,000 supporters in Lyon, Front National leader Marine Le Pen formally launched her

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UK-US trade deal cheerleading will be drowned out by complexity

First published:, 27/01/2017 Today’s Trump-May press conference contained nothing of substance on the matter—and no wonder Standing next to President Donald Trump, Theresa May spoke for rather longer than her host at their first press conference on Friday. The

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