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America is not in the business of handing out presents in trade deals

First published: The Times, 3/08/2017 The trade war cacophony in the rhetoric emanating from the White House this year has, thankfully, faded to a soft rumble. Yet the Trump administration’s volatility and petulance, and its search for distractions, warn us

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The scandals around Trump may not harm the markets as much as you’d expect

First published:, 22/05/2017 Is the “Trump trade” toast? It remains to be seen whether scandal will prevent the president enacting his economic policies. If you want to see how financial markets react to a political crisis, look at Brazil.

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Trump’s tax plan: having a laugh on Laffer

First published:, 2/05/2017 The US government believes that tax cuts will be self-funding. The evidence does not support this In the National Museum of American History, there is an exhibit of a white cloth napkin taken from a Washington

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Donald Trump and Xi Jinping go head-to-head

First published:, 3/04/2017 If the US president expects significant economic climb-downs this week, he’ll be disappointed Later this week, ‪on 6th-7th April, Presidents Donald Trump and Xi Jinping are scheduled to meet at Mar-a-Lago in Florida. Unlike previous meetings between

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Can Merkel and Trump work together?

First published: CapX, 16/03/2017 Stormy weather has shifted Angela Merkel’s trip to see the US President to tomorrow; it provides the perfect metaphor for German-US relations. There are several contentious foreign policy issues, some of which have gone off the boil

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