Speeches + Events

Euromoney, Annual Conference

London, 23rd June 2015

Pannelist: Opening panel


London, 13th May 2015

Talk: tbc


Council of Insurance Agents and Brokers Board

London, 30th April 2015

Talk: World economic outlook


Women Corporate Directors’ European Institution

London, 4th March 2015

Pannelist: World economic outlook

Intelligence Squared

London, 2nd March 2015

Debate: Be afraid, be very afraid, the robots are coming and they will destroy our livelihooda

Centre for European Policy Studies

Brussels, 27th February 2015

Panellist: China and the 13th Five-Year Plan


Skanska Group Board

Maple Cross, 17th February 2015

Talk: UK political outlook and prospects

London Business School, Asian Business Forum

London, 30th January 2015

Panel: Economic Cooperation and Geopolitics: can these forces co-exist?

LSE, RCC Conference

London, 28th January 2015

Keynote speech: What’s next for Europe?

Highgate School

London, 26th January 2015

Talk: Economic consequences of digital technology

Brookes University

Oxford, 26th November 2014

Keynote Speech: Emerging markets and reform prospects

Society of Business Economists

London, 24th November 2014

Keynote speech: Making sense of China

UBS India Conference

Mumbai, 19th November 2014

Keynote speech: Emerging markets growth disappoints: can India buck the trend?


ADIA Global Investment Forum

Abu Dhabi, 17th November 2014

Panel: Emerging markets and the future of globalisation

UBS Annual European Conference

London, 11th November 2014

Panel: Emerging markets reform: hope or hype?

Le Club B

Hamburg, 6th November 2014

Panel:  Asset Allocation

Bank Credit Analyst

New York, 23rd September, 2014

Debate (with Stephen Roach): China

FT Alphaville

London, 2nd July, 2014

Panel: Is this nuts?


London, 25th June 2014

Keynote Speech: China Outlook

UBS Sovereign Institution Seminar

Wolfsberg, Switzerland, 16th June 2014

Keynote Speech: Is Europe on the ‘Right’ path?


Salzburg, 10th June 2014

Keynote speech: Is it all over for emerging markets?


International Capital Markets Association

Berlin, 6th June 2014

Keynote speech: Global economic prospects


Le Club X

Montreal, 14th May 2014

Panel discussion: Global economic outlook

Demos Finance

London, 29th April 2014

Panel discussion: Response to McKinsey study on winners and losers from QE


JLA Seminar

London, 15th April 2014

Panel discussion: Demographics are not destiny


Mercer Consulting

Budapest, 3rd April 2014

Keynote speech: The global economic outlook


City Week, 2014 International Financial Services Forum,

London, 1st April 2014

Panel discussion: The Euro and Eurozone Outlook

Commerzbank  Global Economy and Capital Markets Forum 2014

Frankfurt, 25th March 2014

Panel discussion:  Emerging markets: how much steam is left in the engine?


Pharma Times,

London, 6th March 2014

Keynote speech: The Age of Ageing

London School of Economics, Department of Economics

London, 6th February 2014

Debate:  Should the Euro survive? Economics in an era of political extremism


University of Zurich International Business School

 Zurich, 21st January 2014

Keynote speech: The Age of Ageing: demography and its influence on markets and geopolitics


UBS Annual European Conference

London, 12th November 2013

Participant on the China Panel: Urbanisation and Growth


Standard Life Investments Thought leadership dinner

London, 11th November 2013

Speaker: The economic outlook


Policy Exchange briefing: The global economy: what does the future hold?

London, 21st October 2013

Speaker: Emerging markets outlook


Citywire Secret Gardens Investment Conference,

The Grove, Hertfordshire, England, 17th October 2013

Keynote Speech: Political uncertainty and investment themes


Fidelity Investments,

Boston, 2 October 2013

Speech: Thinking about Globalisation


The Conference Board,

Brussels, 24th September 2013

Webcast: Uprising: will Emerging Markets Shape or Shake the World?


Centre for European Reform,

London School of Economics, London, 18th September 2013

Panel discussion:  The European Economy: deliverance or disaster 


Fidelity Institutional Investment Seminar

Singapore, 12th September 2013

Panel discussion: Banking and Economic Recovery


Future Human

Shoreditch, London,  21st August 2013

Speaker and panel debate: Ageing societies


Foreign and Commonwealth Office

London, 9th July 2013

Speech: China in transition


St Petersburg International Economic Forum

St. Petersburg, 20th June 2013

Panel debate: The Global Outlook


Accenture Global Mining Board

London, 11th June 2013

Speech: Global Economic Trends


Citywire Belle Epoque Investment Conference

Montreux, 22nd May 2013

Keynote speech: Political uncertainty and investment themes


The Conference Board

Brussels, 15th May 2013

Webcast: The Age of Ageing


Intelligence Squared at the Royal Geographic Society

London, 9th April 2013

Panel debate: Karl Marx was right: capitalism is falling apart under the weight of its own contradictions


International Finance Corporation

Istanbul, 19th March 2013

Keynote speech: Emerging Market Demographic Drivers


Royal Institution

London, 7th March, 2013

Speech: The Great Convergence


Commonwealth Journalists’ Association

University of London, London, 22nd January 2013

Speech: China 2013: What next?


ETF Securities

London, 15th January 2013

Speech: Transformations in the world economy


Global Markets Media Ltd

City Book Fair, London, 12th November 2012

Speech: Investing in EmergingMarkets versus Developed Economies


Wilton Park Conference on Promoting rules-based systems for global economic growth

Sussex, England, 7th November, 2012

Speech: Governance approaches and new landscapes


Cambridge University,  Festival of Ideas

Cambridge, 3rd November 2012

Panel debate: The Demographic Time Bomb


Morningstar ETF Investment Conference

Milan, 24th October 2012

Keynote speech: Asia: Is the Miracle Over?


Accenture Global Energy Board

Cologne, 16th October 2012

Speech: Global Economic Transformations


Triton Advisers, Annual General Meeting

Zurich, 15th October 2012

Keynote speech: The World Economy: What’s Next?


European Centre for International Political Economy

Brussels, 5th June 2012

Speech: Europe-Asia Trade Relations and Prospects


Emerging Markets Private Equity Association, Annual Conference

Washington DC, 15th May 2012

Speech: The Emerging-Market Uprising


Schroders Nordic Executive Round Table

Copenhagen, 29th February 2012

Speech: Gazing into the Crystal Ball: Evolution of the Global Economy


Royal Geographic Society

London, 9th May 2011

Keynote speech: Uprising: Will Emerging Markets Shape or Shake the World?


Ralph Miliband lecture series on Restructuring of World Power

London School of Economics, London, 9th February 2011

Speech: Uprising: Will Emerging Markets Shape or Shake the Global System?


Royal Geographic Society, 21st Century Challenges

London, 23rd June 2009

Keynote speech: The Challenges and Opportunities of an Ageing Society


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