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China faces ‘acid test’ over credit bubble

Article by Michael Mackenzie: FT.com, 19/05/2017 This is a Financial Times Long View piece on China’s debt bubble, summarising a discussion I led with an audience at the FT on 15th May. Investors shouldn’t take their eyes off China as the

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China’s National People’s Congress: focus on Core Xi, not economic coherence

5th March 2017 China’s National People’s Congress (NPC) is now sitting, and will last two weeks. It’s an annual event, attended by roughly 3000 delegates after a series of local and provincial meetings, and party rituals at which all the

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Trump’s Road to Trade Wars

1st March 2017 President Trump’s address to both Houses of Congress has been widely covered, and my own comments can be found here. The bottom line I drew was it was the same man talking economic nationalism and US sovereignty

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China’s Currency Policies Need an Overhaul

First published: Bloomberg Views, 10/01/2017 The irony of the yuan rally that took bears by surprise last week was that the surge came just days before China announced that its foreign currency reserves shrank by $41 billion in December. The stockpile is

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Good economic news—but beware of the “tail risks”

First published: Prospectmagazine.co.uk, 4/01/2017 Things are looking up—for now It’s not for nothing that economics is sometimes called the dismal science. Yet it isn’t always true that economists are gloomy. Indeed, they aren’t gloomy at the moment. Compared with this

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